Patreons of Ukraine - "Lifeboat"

We are joining forces to make the best body armor and purchase NATO helmets

We buy bulletproof vests for EUR 210 per piece.

It is possible to buy ceramic-Kevlar tiles 4+ protection level from Italy for only 85 euros!

The supplier has Kevlar plates for 85 euros a piece - it turns out 170 euros per pair. + 40 euros for a plate and for 210 euros we have a ready bulletproof vest.

We have already purchased more than 1000 such plates, so we are confident in their quality and offer to join forces!

Our plates and body armor

It is difficult to provide constant assistance to the army when there is no working capital (because we give everything away for free to our defenders). That's why we gather people-patrons who are ready to board the "lifeboat"!

The cost of one cup of coffee can save lives

Participation price


UAH per day

The cost of one cup of coffee can save lives

Soldiers of the Armed Forces stand for our freedom. Let's save their lives!