Fund report

    • 27.11

      We received a photo report from the guys from the front line. They received 4 helmets and a raincoat-tent from the Boat Foundation. We also handed over food products we received from Italy to the military.

    • 25.11

      Potbelly stoves were handed over to the front line.

    • 21.11

      More warmth for our soldiers!

      100 sets of thermal clothing, 10 T-shirts and 1 shoulder-shoulder strapping system were handed over to the National Guard of Ukraine.

    • 18.11

      Gratitude to the «Choven» charity fund from the First Presidential Brigade.

    • 17.11

      We bought another car for the Armed Forces! It will be delivered to Ukraine soon.

    • 15.11

      The guys of the ZSU lacked 500 euros to buy a car. Helped them close this issue 🙂