Fund report

    • 16.02

      Two more drones were handed over to the military.

      Together for victory!

    • 16.02

      We have already talked about the increase in the number of new brigades and the expansion of existing ones in previous posts.

      That’s why the headquarters are growing quickly — laptops/computers/printers, everything you can work on, is very much needed. It’s cool that there are nice neighbors who give away their equipment for free. Oleksiy, great respect and thanks for these 6 laptops)))

      The «Choven» Foundation restocked and adjusted all of them (new Windows, new battery, increased RAM, SSD drive, etc.)

    • 16.02

      We have known Ulyana personally for a long time! From the first day of the war, she donated to the Boat Fund and bought various necessary things for the military (and not only).

      The military gave us a request for 38 drones, and after telling about it, she immediately wrote back «where is the payment for 3 drones?»

      Ulya — you are a great example and motivator for us, thank you! The guys are happy not only for 3 drones))) it is clearly visible from the photo)

    • 12.02

      We paid for the delivery of 408 kg of medicines to the military rehabilitation center in Khmelnytskyi.

    • 11.02

      Today, 2 generators and 3 EcoFlows were sent to the front line. The guys are very grateful for such parcels.

    • 09.02

      One military man called and told that he came under fire near Bakhmut. He is now in the hospital, but wants to return to the front line in a couple of days. Asked if we could help with things he lost. We sent what we had in stock and told where to find the rest.

      We are proud of our defenders.