Fund report

    • 09.08

      As of August 9, 2022, our results are in 🇺🇦

      Thank you friends, we are doing a great job 🙏🏻

      What we’ve handed over so far:

    • 04.08

      We get help from all over the world.

      Today we thank the Italian diaspora for such a package. We received first aid kits. We will send it to our military in the next few days.

    • 03.08

      The morning begins with departure.

      57 plate carriers, 9 chemical protection suits and 12 first-aid kits were handed over to the presidential brigade.

    • 02.08

      We handed over the pickup truck.
      Tomorrow it will already be helping the military up front!

    • 02.08

      All said and done!
      The transfer from NeverSurrenderUA (ammunition and first aid kits) reached the National Guard in the morning!

    • 01.08

      And the NeverSurrenderUA team entrusted us with delivering uniforms, ammunition and first-aid kits to the Armed Forces.

      Tomorrow everything will go on the front line!
      Glory to Ukraine!